Gender Reveal Cakes

Gender reveal cakes are becoming a popular addition to many baby showers. Revealing to family and friends whether you will be having a little girl or boy is very exciting, and what better way to do it than with a stunning custom cake!

While the possibilities are endless, gender reveal cakes all have one thing in common, you have to cut the cake or bite into the cupcake to uncover whether your baby will be a boy or a girl!

I love making these gender reveal cakes. They are so exciting for both the customer and I. One mother-to-be called me to say she had been dreaming about cutting open her cake and it being filled with rainbows for the whole week prior to the baby shower! Another customer had her doctor write the gender on a piece of paper placed in a sealed envelope and delivered to me, so she could find out the gender alongside her family and friends.

Some of the ideas for gender reveal cakes are described below for your inspiration!


Coloured cake batter

This is the classic style for gender reveal cakes. From the outside the cake is covered in icing which does not identify the gender, but once the cake is cut, the pink or blue cake inside announces the sex of your baby. I like to do these in an ombré style.


Buttercream layers

A twist on the coloured batter style, this is useful when you want a cake batter which is not easily coloured, such as a chocolate mud cake. In this style the buttercream which separates the layers of cake is coloured pink or blue, but again the outside of the cake gives you no clues to the gender!


Filled cupcakes

When using cupcakes, the colour of the icing and cake batter is apparent before it is bitten into, therefore a different approach is needed. In this style the cupcake is filled with a blue or pink filling to reveal the gender. I like to use blueberry coulis for boys and raspberry coulis for girls, but Jam works just as well.


Piñada Cakes

In a traditional piñata cake, the centre of the cake is hollowed out and filled with lollies or candy that spill out when a piece of cake is cut. To adapt this to a gender reveal cake, all you have to do is fill the cake with all blue or pink lollies. In the past we have used M&Ms as their smooth shell helps them flow out of the cake in a dramatic fashion.

x Holly