How many people will my cake feed?

Before you can work out how many people you can feed with your cake, you need to know the difference between a ‘party slice’ and a ‘wedding slice’.

Party slices – these are the normal size slice that you would cut a birthday cake into.

Weddings slices - These are smaller than party slices, because normally the cake is served after the guests have already eaten and often are more rich and dense and sometimes served with accompaniments.


Party Cakes

(round cakes by diameter)

6 Inch – serves 10 people

8 Inch – serves 18 people

10 Inch – serves 25 people

12 Inch – serves 40 people


Wedding Cakes 

(round cakes by diameter)

8 Inch – Serves 24 people

10 Inch – Serves 38 people

12 Inch – Serves 56 people

14 Inch – Serves 78 people


Tip: To work out how many people your tiered cake will feed, just add the servings according to each tier’s size!


Cutting your tiered wedding cake for serving

Each of your wedding cake tiers will be on a separate cake board, and can be removed for easier cutting and serving. Tiered cakes have plastic dowels in the lower levels to support the cakes on the levels above. These dowels will be brightly coloured so you can see them. Unless you want a mouthful of plastic, these should be removed before cutting. 

When cutting, it is important to plan how many slices you need before starting. Check out our simple visual guide below to ensure you get enough slices for everyone! 

    8 inch/24 slices       10 inch/38 slices             12 inch/56 slices              14 inch/78 slices

    8 inch/24 slices       10 inch/38 slices             12 inch/56 slices              14 inch/78 slices

x Holly