How to Choose your wedding cake flavours

Move over fruit cake, these days there are endless cake flavours you can choose from for your wedding cake. I recently created a custom cookie dough flavoured wedding cake for clients who bonded over their love for the Baskin Robbins flavour. Have a chat to your cake designer and ask about their most popular flavours.

If you are having a multi tier cake, don't worry about trying to weed down the flavour list to just one, instead ask your designer if you can have each tier an individual flavour, that way you can have all of your favourites on your special day! Make sure you book in to have a consult to discuss and taste flavours. Most cake designers cater for special dietary requirements, so if you have a number of guests who are gluten intolerant, mention this to them.

If you are serving your wedding cake as the main dessert after dinner, then rich mudcakes go down a treat and can be served with fresh fruit and cream. If serving finger slices of cake with coffee, a light lemon and poppyseed would be a refreshing flavour. Remember if you would like to keep some of your wedding cake for your first anniversary then let your cake designer know. They will have to add an extra top tier for you to wrap in acid free paper, place in a airtight container and freeze. Fondant covered mudcakes defrost particularly well!

Happy flavour choosing!

X Holly